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Comparing Streaming Services

Last Update: August 12th, 2022: Update the global streaming library sizes. We’ll do this monthly. Our next full quarterly update is October 10th.

Enjoy our four unique features, updated quarterly:

  • The Temperature of Streaming
  • Comparing Streaming Service Features
  • Comparing Streaming Service Library Sizes
  • Comparing Streaming Service YouTube Subscribers
Q3’s rankings see some surprising shake ups. Graphic shows HBO Max at 7, but will be updated shortly to show it at 6 after we made a late decision to drop it further.

The Temperature of Streaming

Netflix = 9/10

Netflix has dropped from 10 to 9, but remains on top. Stranger Things is enough on its own, but they’ve also got a summer full of great content.

Paramount+= 8/10

Paramount+ is the biggest jump going from 6 to 8. Throughout the 2nd quarter they have released numerous new features and provided excellent original series and films. We still disagree with how much content they add to Netflix or BET+, but we are impressed with their work. They have yet to keep their promise to add a way to unlock the Showtime content within Paramount+. They said summer. They’ve got 2 months left to speak up!

HBO Max = 6/10

While HBO Max released some excellent content this past quarter, they did not add any new features. We felt it necessary to acknowledge the extremely concerning decision to remove numerous titles without warning. Not just any titles, HBO Max originals and currently airing TNT / TBS shows. Snowpiercer, Chad (season 2 coming soon), original Final Space, and numerous other international originals have gone into the vault. The reasoning is equally concerning.

Official statements say that the content will be removed to prepare for the merger with Discovery+. They are implying to people unaware of how data works that some titles will be removed to “make room” for Discovery+ library. This is not true, of course, as the storage space and cost is minimal for a company like WBD. There is no “maximum” amount of titles allowed. People who understand how things work know that their excuses makes no sense. Even if Discovery+ and HBO Max merged (see our totals below) they would stream fewer titles than Netflix and far fewer than Prime Video.

They are also removing currently relevant shows and content that had been promoted by their social media mere days earlier. If they felt the need to reduce the overall size of HBO Max library they should have removed older content people would be less likely to seek. Another reason we drop HBO Max is because the CNN content they removed this spring to add to CNN+ (before scrapping the service 1 week after launch) has not returned yet. Due to these content decisions, we have lost hype on the service and will need to see more of Zaslav’s plans before we can reassess. HBO Max falls from 9 to 7 and is now ranked 3rd instead of 2nd.

UPDATE July 12th: We’ve dropped HBO one further spot due to the decision to remove All American Homecoming’s license from HBO Max and push the series to Netflix. Do non-exclusive deals, damn it.

Prime Video = 5/10

Prime Video added some new features and benefited from an excellent 3rd season of The Boys, so we lifted it from 4 to 5. We don’t have much to say here. We’re disappointed they’re still been no talk of how Prime Video and Epix will co-exist as we’re eager to hear plans that might result in Epix going away. Too many services!

Hulu = 5/10

Hulu fell from 6 to 5 (a tie with Prime Video) because it’s lost about 300 titles in the past 6 months (see Library Sizes section below) and has not been interesting in the originals department with exception of the just-premiered Only Murders In The Building. Since Disney wants us to believe it’s tied to Disney+, we will judge it on how well it co-exists with their “primary” service. In the past quarter we’ve noticed a disturbing new trend of Hulu ramping up how much it horns into Disney+’s success. After Disney+ got the ability to add Rated R or TV-MA titles in March, we expected it to surge up the rankings. Instead, they refused to use the new ratings the entire 2nd quarter. Hulu continues to block Disney from adding proper content.

Recently they’ve greatly increased the Nat Geo hub to a total that is significantly higher than the total they had BEFORE Disney+ launched. This makes no sense since Disney lied and said Nat Geo’s “Streaming Home” was Disney+. They’ve duplicated Disney+ titles We Feed People and Olivia Rodrigo driving home 2 u, refused to let go of Doogie Howser, The Fosters, Malcolm in the Middle, or My Wife and Kids when they recently went up for expiration, forced themselves to sharing Glee when Disney+ got it in June, and today they took SharkFest library that should have been on Disney+. They didn’t even promote the many Shark titles coming… They also unacceptably and inexplicably snatached the missing Tom Bergeron seasons of AFV that Disney+ had been waiting for for 2 years. Hulu is not judged the same as other services. Hulu and Disney+ do not play well together, so both suffer.

Disney+ = 4/10

Disney+ drops from 6 to 4. Our staff has lost the hype for Disney+ because they’ve barely added any library content in 2022, are the worst streaming service when it comes to featureset with no improvements made in almost a year, and rely too heavily on Marvel and Star Wars each month. They’ve started using the Coming Soon row a bit more after our constant nudging, but that’s not enough to bump them up. Their refusal to utilize the new parental controls, frequently misleading marketing, and monthly library let downs have earned them a tie with Peacock at 4. This is also the bottom of our rankings. Congrats, you guys made it!

Peacock = 4/10

Honestly, we don’t have much to say about Peacock. It doesn’t really add missing library, doesn’t add missing features (they’re at the bottom along with Disney+ in this regard) and doesn’t have a lot of hype. One good thing is the films coming fresh from cinema. One bad thing is that after 4 months, they head to Prime Video or Netflix for 10 months. The recent J Lo / Owen Wilson movie Marry Me is already on Prime. Making it confusing for subscribers to find your Universal content dooms you. We don’t expect Peacock to ever rank higher than 5 because Comcast isn’t making it worth our time.

Comparing Streaming Service Essential Features

We now sort the streamers by their launch date and have added additional features. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

2022 Progress

July 10th update: Disney+ continues to boast the least impressive set of features of any major service. Paramount+ added to exciting new features: status updates on title pages and expiring title warnings. They’ve also continued to test NEW indicators on thumbnails and they’re now rolling out an “Add title to watchlist” feature accessible from long-pressing on thumbnails on homescreen. We are thrilled to see their team performing so admirably and bringing Paramount+ closer to Netflix which is why they rank higher this month! They’ve also added a homescreen row for titles leaving at the end of the month. We expect a “Coming Soon” row or section within the next few months at the pace they’re releasing upgrades.

Expiring Warnings – Paramount+

Excellent new feature from Paramount+ – expiring title warnings!

Status Updates – Paramount+

We cannot say enough how proud we are of them for this industry-best feature. EVERY title on Paramount+ has a status. We’ve seen about 10 different messages including “Now Streaming, All Episodes Now Streaming, More Episodes Coming (Insert Date), New Series Now Streaming, Season X Now Streaming, New Episodes (Insert Day), etc.” This should be present on every service. Netflix uses this space occasionally and so does Peacock. Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and Prime Video need to get with it.

Speaking of Prime Video, they’re finally showing signs of life adding a couple new features this year! We hope Peacock and Disney+ put forward more effort in Q3 and add missing features. The race remains on for the first service of the new batch to add a like / dislike feature. Our money is on Paramount+ at this point.

2021 Progress

Hulu, Paramount+, and Peacock all added Skip Intro in 2021, but each service has it rolled out slightly inconsistently with them showing up on some apps and some titles only. Still, progress.

Paramount+ recently added linear channels and since Peacock already has them, we expect HBO Max and Netflix to have them soon. Netflix is actually testing them as we speak. Hulu, like Disney+, is far behind. They don’t even have avatars for profiles although we know this is currently getting tested. Really confused why something that basic would require such a long testing period…

Disney+ added extremely granular Parental Controls this year. that’s about it. It’s obviously a pretty big statement about the kind of service Disney+ provides that the only thing they rolled out was something that (in the USA) is meaningless because they don’t even add TV-14 library. We also saw Paramount+ add a Watchlist Row leaving Disney+ and Hulu as the only outliers.

Comparing Streaming Service Library Sizes

Data current as of September 1st, 2022

Starting this quarter we will add tracking for Boomerang and Discovery+ (as we root for them to go merge into HBO Max) and AMC+

#Streaming ServiceTitles as of September 1st (Price)
1🟫🟨 Amazon Prime Video9,929 (8.99)
2🟥 Netflix 5,888 (???? / 9.99 / 15.49 / 19.99)
3🟪 HBO Max3,277 (4.99 / 9.99)
4🦚 Peacock3,257 (Free / 9.99 / 14.99)
5🗻➕ Paramount+3,069 (4.99 / 9.99)
6🟩 Hulu2,528 (7.99 / 14.99 – as of October)
7🛹 Epix Now2,140 (5.99)
8🌍 Discovery+2,046 (4.99 / 6.99)
9🟦➕ Disney+1,685 (7.99 / 10.99 – as of December)
10⭐ Starz1,108 (8.99)
11📺🕑 Showtime624
12😱 AMC+189
13🪃 Boomerang160
14🍎📺➕ Apple TV+133

Overall Disney Bundle Library: 5,039

ESPN+ believed to have about 1,000 titles, no data available. A combined service would place 3rd behind Netflix and Prime Video and would likely remain in that position for the long-term as Disney refuses to add its ~3,000 missing library titles.

Source: Disney+ totals come from inside source, the rest come from JustWatch. We are the only website with the actual Disney+ totals.

*Disney+ totals now include an increase in artificial inflation as they attempt to “Catch up” to their competitors without doing the work. They now regularly split “series”into individual titles like MARVEL ASSEMBLED, I AM GROOT, much to chagrin of the users. They also now list duplicate films as “Sing Alongs.” These are just the original films with colorful subtitles over the songs instead of listing them under the Versions tab they added for IMAX copies. Amazing they haven’t spilt those off… We sort of think they will. It’s Disney+!

Comparing Streaming Service YouTube Subscribers

Most Popular Streaming Service (by YouTube Subscribers)

RankingStreaming ServiceYouTube Subscribers
1Netflix24 Million
2Hulu2.1 Million
3Prime Video1.47 Million
4HBO Max1.44 Million
5Apple TV+1.14 Million
6Disney+1 Million

Streaming Service YouTube Success (By Channel Launch Date)

OrderYouTube Channel LaunchStreaming ServiceYouTube Subscribers
1November 16, 2005Starz693,000
2June 21, 2006Showtime944,000
3February 6, 2014Prime Video1.47 Million
4August 13, 2012Netflix24 Million
5March 12, 2008Hulu2.1 Million
6April 15, 2009EpixHidden
7January 24, 2017Boomerang266,000
8November 12, 2018*
*Launched as CBS All Access
9May 4, 2020Peacock537,000
10March 25, 2019Apple TV+1.14 Million
11June 26, 2019AMC+91,100
12August 23, 2019Disney+1 Million
13April 21, 2020HBO Max1.44 Million
14December 21 2020Discovery+139,000

Our Take

Netflix has so much of a lead that it seems impossible any other service will ever catch up. Disney+ has finally crossed 1 million subscribers. It will take some time to eclipse Hulu’s total which is odd since Hulu is USA only. Perhaps if we combined all the international Disney+ accounts? Combining Hulu and Disney+‘s totals to 3 million is more along what we would expect from a powerhouse like Disney and a preview of what may be when / if Disney combines their apps.

HBO Max is doing very well.