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Comparing Streaming Services

Updated April 10th. Next update July.

For now we have three features:

  • The Temperature of Streaming
  • Comparing Streaming Service Features
  • Comparing Streaming Service Library Sizes
  • Comparing Streaming Service YouTube Subscribers *New feature*

The Temperature of Streaming

Big changes since January. Netflix has dropped 2 slots. We now consider HBO Max the best. The merger with Discovery+ is exciting, even if it still a way’s off. This month HBO Max will premiere new seasons of Flight Attendant, Barry, and Made for Love. Paramount+ and Disney+ were tied at 6, but we’ve dropped Disney+ to 4 and moved Paramount+ up to 7. WHAT? WHY?

Disney+ picks up the pace in May with Obi Wan Kenobi, Sneakerella, and Rescue Rangers as well as Ms. Marvel in June. They also just unlocked parental controls in March that allow them to add Rated R and TV-MA titles. Why would we drop the temperature? 1) April’s list has been rather empty and full of mistakes. 2) They continue to not take advantage of the new pararenal controls. We were ready to bump Disney+ up, but they’re not quite delivering. It’s yet another example of their long-running strategy “promise big things… in the future.” Dancing With the Strs is coming this fall. Maybe Disney+ will surge up 3-5 slots next quarter…?

Paramount+ got a bump upwards because they’re releasing weekly episodes of numerous buzzy series right now: FairlyOdd Parents: Fairly Odder has plenty of negative buzz with adults, but it wasn’t made for them. Picard and Halo are airing through April and May.

We sent Hulu down a slot since not much is going on there. Peacock plummeted from 5 to 2. Does anyone get excited for Peacock? We dropped Prime Video down a bit as well. Who cares?

Comparing Streaming Service Essential Features

HBO Max added a shuffle button.

2022 Progress

HBO Max added a shuffle feature. No other service has added a new feature in the past 3 months. Paramount’s test of like / dislike seems to never be coming out. Same for Disney+’s test of a watchlist row. Hopefully that changes soon. We’d really like to see a Coming Soon page on Paramount+.

2021 Progress

Hulu, Paramount+, and Peacock all added Skip Intro in 2021, but each service has it rolled out slightly inconsistently with them showing up on some apps and some titles only. Still, progress.

Paramount+ recently added linear channels and since Peacock already has them, we expect HBO Max and Netflix to have them soon. Netflix is actually testing them as we speak. Hulu, like Disney+, is far behind. They don’t even have avatars for profiles although we know this is currently getting tested. Really confused why something that basic would require such a long testing period…

Disney+ added extremely granular Parental Controls this year. that’s about it. It’s obviously a pretty big statement about the kind of service Disney+ provides that the only thing they rolled out was something that (in the USA) is meaningless because they don’t even add TV-14 library. We also saw Paramount+ add a Watchlist Row leaving Disney+ and Hulu as the only outliers.

Comparing Streaming Service Library Sizes

We thought it would be fascinating to compare the size of each major streaming service’s library. Thanks to JustWatch for most the totals for all services except Disney+. Those numbers come from an inside source and are 100% accurate.

Data current as of April 10th, 2022

Streaming ServiceTitles as of January 1stTitles As of April 10th
1Amazon Prime Video8,1498,036
2Netflix 5,7515,847
3HBO Max3,2313,234
⬆️Formerly 4
⬇️Formerly 3
⬆️Formerly 6
⬇️Formerly 5
7Disney+1,4671,514 (Per JustWatch)
Actual: 1,566
⬆️Formerly 8
8Starz 769 863
⬆️Formerly 9
9Epix2,137 822
⬇️⬇️Formerly 7
10Showtime Anywhere
“Merge me with Paramount+”

Comparing Streaming Service YouTube Subscribers

*New feature*

For now check out this article. We’ll add it into this page in the future!