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Disney+ Global Library Sizes

We will update this quarterly, so next update will be in July 2022. If you want monthly updates, please donate to our Patreon or Ko-Fi. It’s immensely time consuming to gather this data, but with enough desire we’ll do it!

All streaming services libraries are NOT created equal. Portugal and Belgium are not doing so well. It’s crazy how superior Australia, Canada, and New Zealand’s libraries are to the rest of the world. We only added a handful of countries. Are there any other countries you’d like us to monitor? Let us know in the comments.

We pull our numbers now directly from Disney+ instead of JustWatch so that they’re 100 percent accurate. We are the only website that has access to these exact numbers. However, we will be forced to continue using JustWatch for Disney+ Hotstar totals. We also are unable to breakdown the totals into film, series, and shorts categories for Hotstar countries.

Last updated: May 1st, 2022 More big changes this quarter as we crown a surprising new champion, Latin America falls to the bottom alongside Brazil, and many more countries pass the 2000 title mark. We did a special May 1st bonus update on USA and the countries that rank below it only. We’re trying to keep track of this battle as USA is poised to fall further by year’s end unless they start doing better. Latin America is doomed to the bottom forever until Star+ is gone.

RankDisney+ CountryTotal TitlesFilmsSeriesShortsNotes
1India (Hotstar)3,542Contains HBO content and considerable local content as well as sports. Also, the only country with Dave the Barbarian and Aaron Stone for some weird reason.
2Singapore🏆2,3451510636199⬆️ Up an astonishing 8 slots. The ultimate Disney+ experience. 300+ titles in a 3 month period. Could they overtake Hotstar India? If the HBO deal there ever ends, we say yes. Also the first country to cross the 1,500 mark for films alone. That’s some country’s entire library size!
3Australia2,3251493631201⬇️ Dethroned. These top 5 are so close, we wouldn’t be surprised if UK or Canada overtake Australia this year.
4New Zealand2,3211488632201⬇️1
7United Kingdom2,2981,492607199⬇️1
8Norway2,1451,412553180⬆️ 3 slots!

Welcome to the 2000 club!
Welcome to the 2000 club!
12Iceland2,1351,408547180⬆️1 slot.
Welcome to the 2000 club!
13Finland2,1281,411537180⬆️1 slot.
Welcome to the 2000 club!
14Switzerland2,1231450482191⬇️Down 3 slots. Ouch.
15Italy2,0401,400452188Welcome to the 2000 club!
16Netherlands1,9991,3435181382000 club next week!
17Spain1,9641,3024701922000 club soon!
21Hong Kong1,8441,178475191
22Japan1,7781,065532181⬆️Up one slot!
23Taiwan1,7481,136475137⬇️Down one slot!
24USA1,587 (May 1st special update)941442204Worst library to population ratio. New parental controls didn’t result in more content. Will be passed by Indonesia’s Hotstar shortly if things don’t improve.

Missing access to most Fox, Touchstone, or Hollywood films in USA.

Also has Hulu which adds ~500 Disney titles and ~2000 licensed things but in separate app and subscription.
25Indonesia (Hotstar)1,583 (May 1st special update)Has exclusive Disney Channel content including Penn Zero, Jungle Junction, and now Motorcity.
26Malaysia (Hotstar)1,437 (May 1st special update)Has exclusive Disney Channel content including Penn Zero, Jungle Junction, Motorcity
27South Korea1,423 (May 1st special update)876
127⬆️ 4 slots!

Still worst library with Star brand tile, but has now surpassed all of Latin America, including the countries we haven’t listed as Latin America countries have same library.
28Thailand (Hotstar)1,410 (May 1st special update)⬆️ 3 slots!

Has now passed all of Latin America.
Has exclusive Disney Branded TV content including Penn Zero, Jungle Junction, and Motorcity.
Also has Star+
Also has Star+
Fell behind rest of Latin America (except Brazil) by one title! Which one?

Also has Star+
32Brazil👎1,310821357132Brazil remains the worst Disney+ library on planet Earth by far.

Star+ existence is borderline criminal for what it’s done to these people.
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