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Only 50 Of 243 Titles Available On Stream on Disney Plus

Why does Disney+ only stream 1/4 of the content available on

On March 30th, Disney dropped over 90 National Geographic titles in one day onto the Canadian service. It got us thinking about the United States Nat Geo library… Just how much is still missing? Using the website where Disney posts the on-demand content for cable subscribers to stream, we went to the A to Z list and simply scrolled down. You can follow along via out Tweet thread or read on.

What we discovered was horrifying. The content on this site only cover the years 2016 to 2022. There is no worthwhile way to view Nat Geo titles that are from earlier than 2015 unless Disney+ has added them. Disney+ has only added 20.58% of the content they have streaming on

This means that there is an enormous amount missing and if we consider the fact that this is only recent stuff it shows you just how shallow the library is overall. Anything having to do with war, the pandemic, September 11th, North Korea, racial issues, or violent animals can be assumed is unavailable on Disney+. As one subscriber we spoke to today put it, Disney plus is basically just nature documentaries.

Disney Plus Thoughts is correct.

We’ve covered over and over again the problems with Disney’s library and their inability (or unwillingness) to use it.. But it’s time for them to start doing better and to give the service in America more value for adults, and really, everyone.

The National Geographic Society deserves better than for their educational content to be locked away on an antiquated distribution system. This is not where content should be in 2022. This Nat Geo TV website shouldn’t even exist in this form, but if it has to, the library should be closer to 50 titles than 250…

A lot of these titles are probably locked in to a contract that requires them to remain there exclusively until a certain period of time, but with the many 2018 titles coming up on 4 years of availability you’d think those deals would be ending soon…

Here is the full lineup with BLUE SQUARES around the titles available on Disney+. We’ll leave you with that. Happy browsing.

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