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Growing Fangs (2021) Review (Disney+ Original)

Growing Fangs (2021), released May 28th, 2021 is featured in Disney+ Pride Month Collection.
Growing Fangs logo
Growing Fangs (2021) logo

Growing Fangs (2021), released May 28th, 2021 is featured in Disney+ Pride Month Collection.

What Is Growing Fangs About?

Growing Fangs follows Val Garcia, a Mexican-American queer teen who is half human/half vampire who has had to keep her identity a secret from both worlds. But when her human best friend (Jimmy) shows up at her monster-infested school, she has to confront her truth, her identity and herself.

Is Growing Fangs Worth Watching?

Keyla Monterroso Mejia does a good enough job placing Val Garcia and shares a chemistry between her character of Val and Gilberto Ortiz’s character of Jimmy, the chemistry being similar to the one between Mavis and Jonathan from Hotel Transylvania (2012). Val comes off as an awkward teenager who will do anything to impress her crush Elsie Fang (played by Grace Song) who is captain of the basketball team. Val happily accepts the job of dressing up as the opposing basketball team’s mascot, the Horrid Human, as a way to try and woo Elsie.

Grace Song as Elsie in Disney's Growing Fangs (C) 2021 Disney
Grace Song as Elsie in Disney’s Growing Fangs (C) 2021 Disney

Val is overwhelmed by people booing her and feels queasy after downing a bottle of Gator-Bleed, a drink which is made from pure blood which Val’s stomach cannot handle. After embarrassing herself at the game she returns home to find out Jimmy has gone to her monster-infested school, Val saves Jimmy from Elise and her friends and is told by Elise’s friend Dora that she admires Val and is secretly half vampire/ half werewolf. It is alluded to during the final scene that Dora has a crush on Val.

All in all for a 20ish minute short Growing Fangs is a decent watch and is worth watching at least once if you are a fan of teen vampire dramas or you are into high school dramas in general. The fact that Val is open about being queer is quite refreshing coming from a Disney production and if the director Ann Marie Pace wants to continue the story in a TV series or movie I am certain it will find its desired audience.


3.5 / 5 Hearts
3.5 / 5 Hearts
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