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Loop (2020) Review (Disney+ Original)

Loop stars Pixar's first non-verbal autistic character in Renee.
Loop (2020) logo
Loop (2020) was released on January 10th, 2020

What’s Loop (2020) About?

Adrift on a lake two teens (Renee and Marcus) with different ways of communicating attempt to connect.

Is Loop (2020) Worth Watching?

Something brought up whenever Loop is mentioned people bring up how Loop stars Pixar’s first non-verbal autistic character in Renee. The connection between Renee and Marcus comes off as realistic to me as someone who is autistic myself the way Marcus tries his best to make friends with Renee who seems more interested in playing with a sound app on her phone and is overwhelmed by the sound of a passing speedboat. Renee especially feels like a real character to me and doesn’t feel cramped in for autism representation.

Renee and Marcus in a canoe
Marcus and Renee in Pixar’s Loop (C) 2020 Disney

There’s a mid-credit scene within Loop which shows Renee’s phone sitting in a bowl of rice when she receives a text from Marcus asking if she wants to go canoeing, setting a potential romance between the two teens which will hopefully be followed up in a sequel. The animation of Loop is the same high quality animation we see from Pixar in all of their theatrical films and I hope the director Erica Milsom continues the story of Loop in another short which takes place a few years later and shows Marcus introducing Renee into his friends and family.

Loop is a heart-warming short and is a great representation of autism and I encourage anyone who has autism or has family with autism to watch Loop and I really do hope Erica Milsom continues the story in some form.


4.5 / 5 Hearts
4.5 / 5 Hearts
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