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Disney+ Metadata Errors

Disney Plus Metadata Errors

One of the most peculiar aspects of Disney+ that has been inexplicably persistent since launch 22 months ago is tons of metadata mistakes made almost weekly. QA seems to miss them and it is now averaging 8-10 months for most to be fixed. Many have existed since Day 1. A large batch of errors occurred this past spring, now unfixed 4-6 months. We know Disney Streaming boss Michael Paull is aware of these issues as well as the Operations team but they have not provided a timeline to fix the remaining problems or explanation as to how they occur.

Last removal from this list: September 23 (After 2 months!)

Easy Fixes

1. The Lion King has a subtitle: The Walt Disney Signature Collection. This was fixed last year but they weirdly re-added it. The bios were also previously fixed but roughly 1 year after the fix it all reverted.

2. Fury Files is missing #9-14… except it’s NOT. All episodes are present. This is unprofessional looking. Fix it, please. Stop making it look like things are missing when they aren’t. It bothers new fans! I’ve never seen misnumbering on other services.

Fury Files numbers skip!

3. A Faithful Wookiee is listed as 2021. It cannot be. It is vintage. Fix the darn date. You even mention 1978 in the long description!

A Faithful Wookiee has the wrong release date.
A Faithful Wookiee has the wrong release date.

4. Special Agent Oso: Three Healthy Steps episodes titles were mostly fixed June 15th 2021, but the team still has 6 titles with extras spaces between words (see episode 10 and 13 in the photo below). Episode 11 is also missing two words – it should be Twirl a Hoop-A-Loop (bolded words are missing). This should be fixed… please. You’ve now entered the title to fix it twice and still not fixed it all. (Recently they finally fixed the Disney Prefix and (Shorts) suffix in the name.)

Special Agent Oso Three Healthy Steps was half-fixed, but still has many episode title issues

5. Chip n Dale Nutty Tales is improperly titled. Hulu and DisneyNow (also owned by Disney) have it right.

#6. Landry Bender is the star of Best Friends Whenever. Weirdly, you have her co-star’s character’s name Shelby combined with her name so it says Shelby Bender. Please fix this. This issue makes search break as well. (We assume you had a spreadsheet that said Lauren Taylor (Shelby), Landry Bender (Cyd) in front of you and got criss-crossed.

7. LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales and Holiday Special are missing the : between LEGO Star Wars and the rest of the title. All other LEGO titles use colons so it’s only right to be consistent. This even is true on Netflix and other services with other LEGO titles.

8. Lost Cities with Albert Lin: Megacity of the Maya Warrior King is incorrectly listed as “Megacity of the Maya Warriors.”

9. Intertwined is victimized by their DISNEY prefix bug. As a result this brand new series is inaccurately referred to across the internet as “Disney Intertwined” which sounds completely stupid.

10. Marvel One-Shots: Disney has done it again! They added all the One-Shots, then forgot to add the One-Shot prefix to half of them. That messes up search results and is just silly.

Here are the 4 one-shots properly named.

Here are all 8 one-shots. You won’t see them together in search since Disney forgot to label 4 of them!

Larger Fixes

  1. The word (Series) is appended to 6 series including Iron Man, 101 Dalmatians, The Muppets, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Fantastic Four. It used to be on about 20 so they made progress but need to finish cleaning up.

2. Marvel Studios should not be a prefix on the MCU titles. Other services and TV Guide data show the titles without the Marvel Studios prefix sometimes. This includes Starz, Netflix, and Prime Video. Further proof the title is incorrect is that the new titles added like Black Widow, WandaVision, Loki, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier do not include the prefix. We can now include Shang-Chi and Hawkeye and What If? as MCU titles without the dumb prefix.

3. DisneyNature should not be a prefix on the DisneyNature titles. Other services have listed these films in the past without the DisneyNature prefix including Prime Video, Netflix, Starz, and even Hulu. Disney also has official marketing without the prefix and their official listing for the title on calls it “Monkey Kingdom.”

Further proof the title is incorrect is that the 2 DisneyNature titles added for Earth Day 2020 all arrived sans the prefix – Dolphin Reef and Elephant.

4. “Star Wars Vintage” is not appropriate to add to SWV collection title names. It’s actually a violation of archive ethics to alter title of existing works if they haven’t undergone changes. I’m looking for someone to reach out to Disney’s archives team to try and sic them on this issue with proper documentation backing up this assertion I just made.