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The Anime Studio Disney Should Acquire for Disney Plus

Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation

Our resident expert on anime, Ethan, shares his opinion on the anime studio Disney should acquire.

I know right? Who would have expected me to write this piece? Well, I did. Disney has built a brand off of high-quality movies and series for families. With anime taking Netflix by storm, I feel it’s time Disney purchases an anime studio that creates quality movies and series which are mostly for families. I am NOT talking about Studio Ghibli, despite their past distribution deal.

Who Is This Mysterious Anime Studio?

As I just said we are NOT talking about the once-great Studio Ghibli, we are talking about another studio, an anime studio in Kyoto Japan named Kyoto Animation.

Is Kyoto Animation A Good Fit For Disney?

The obvious question is: “Is Kyoto Animation a good fit for Disney?” and in my opinion, the answer is yes. Let me explain. Some of the movies and TV series and owned by Kyoto Animation include K-ON! (2009) which is rated PG, A Silent Voice (2016) which is rated PG-13, Violet Evergarden (2018) which is rated PG, and Tamako Love Story (2014) which is rated TV-14. Do you see the pattern? Kyoto consistently puts out how quality anime which is made within the age range Disney+ limits itself to (G-TV-14) about love, friendship and in a lot of cases High School.

Why Should Disney Acquire Kyoto Animation?

Anime is huge on Netflix. That’s why Disney should acquire Kyoto Animation. Disney owns a small anime library of eleven titles whilst Netflix streams hundreds of anime titles. If Disney is smart they would grab Kyoto Animation and stream their anime titles on Disney+ worldwide. Why?

First of all, an acquisition like this would help Disney+ become bigger in Japan.

Second of all, Kyoto Animation’s titles are very family-friendly and would lead to Disney being able to get anime fans to potentially drop the likes of Netflix, Funimation and Crunchyroll to stream Kyoto’s anime on Disney+.

Editor’s Note: Ethan is leaving us so this is his last post here. We’re so grateful to him for helping us launch our site with editorials and reviews in his unique voice. Please send him your best wishes. Ethan will always be welcome here.

What do you think? Do you agree with Ethan’s choice here?

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